compact digital camera

    I want to get a decent compact digital camera for my mums birthday.

    shes fairly technophobic, but picks up stuff eventually (general mum behaviour) so nothing too button-y

    i wanted to spend around £70ish so the Fujifilm F20 thats been on the boards the past 2 weeks was ideal.. unfortunately i just cant seem to get one!

    Tesco direct sold out and my 2 local tesco stores had no stock

    any ideas on a model thats similar in the price range?

    thanks for any help


    Nah - just keep your eyes peeled for an F20....someone may even pick one up for you if they know of a Tesco store with Stock.


    Nice 'help' Mikey!!

    I'm afraid his love for the F20 has tainted his assistance somewhat over time.

    The F20 is available as a Referb here for £79.99…8-2
    Or new here for £89.99…oom
    Alternatively for your budget if you like the fuji try the A610 for £69.99…tml
    Or over your budget Fuji F30 for £99.87…id=

    Alternatively I would highly recommend the Kodak C703, I have one and its great, my mum used it and wants one for xmas. £64.87…id=

    Original Poster

    hmm.. nice list scorpion, thanks loads for the help.
    I always think refurbs sound a bit dodgy... do they come in second hand quality?
    i think i am tempted to just pay the higher price for it.. ISO speed and quality in the dark seems worth it...


    I was speaking to a bloke when delivering in Ebuyer recently, and he told me most of the referbs they sell are where the LCD screen cracks during transit and are sent back to the manufacturer. Because of the LCD screen being so sensitive to damage, they are the most common defect on digital cameras.

    On this basis I would suspect you would probably get one that had a dodgy or cracked screen. They invariably come with a 1 yr warranty, so I wouldn't worry too much, however that all said, I would spend another tenner and go for the new model.
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