Compact Digital Camera for travelling

    Looking for a very slim digital camera that fits nicely in the jeans pocket. Budget is around £150. Suggestions and reviews are greatly appreciated!!

    tx. Alex


    there are loads to choose from but I have just bought a canon ixus 65 it was about £167 but a superb camera, failing that the panasonic dmc-fx01 has a superb write up at loads of places which you can get for around £150.
    best reviews I have found are here
    and here…as/…ics

    it's slim but not sure if this is the cheapest?…819

    also slim...but again cannot be sure if cheaper elsewhere

    Im not sure if its still a current model, but I have the Pentax WPi.
    I think its the ideal camera for travelling.
    Sand snow mud rain, mine had been in the lot, when I get back home, just rinse it under the tap. No worries about putting it down on the beach or dropping it in the mud!
    Its not super slim, but feels smaller than other cameras because nothing protudes, even when zooming. Nice rounded corners too, fits in pocket very easy.
    Also it uses SD cards, so a cheap and big one should see you through whole of travels.

    Ive not had a look at prices, somewhere may be selling them off cheap.

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    thanks very much for your advise guys, have been checking out some of these and i am going to make a purchase soon. will update on what i get!

    I just had time to look around now.
    If you are interested in the pentax, its newer model is the W10 ]here, they may even have a newer one out, these things move so quick.
    Cheapest I saw for the w10 was £129 at ]bristol cameras but out of stock.

    Whatever camera you plan to get, you should decide first and ask for best price here on the forum. There is some scanner like people here who know all the best places and voucher offers, could save you lots of money. :w00t:
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