Compact wifi budget printer for £30 ish??

Can anyone recommend a compact WiFi printer please? I don't have much cash to spare so looking to spend around £30.

Thank you for any suggestions


Bought this one recently and seems alright so far
this one

I'd suggest you look for beyond the price of the printer and look at the price of the inks. The one suggested above uses eye wateringly expensive ink which will negate the fact the printer is cheap. I have a Canon ip7200 printer which has separate inks for each colour and compatibles are extremely cheap on eBay. I've had no issues with clogging whatsoever on this printer. The ip7250 is available for £45 on Amazon:…all

Ours has printed literally thousands of copies and costs peanuts to run.

Buy an Epson, then get inks off of Ebay

I second lowcliff's suggestion. I managed to pick up an Epson off "freegle" a while ago. Small, Wi-fi All-In-One and inks are so ridiculously cheap if you shop around. I got a set of 12 compatible inks for less than a fiver.

Of course, if you are looking at just printing in B & W then I would suggest a small, cheap laser printer. No drying out of inks through non-use and again, toner carts can be had quite reasonably from Ebay. I have a Dell monochrome laser and the toner costs me around £8 which lasts for thousands of prints.

All the best, Phsy.

I'd not bother replacing toner, just buy a new printer as it's cheaper in most cases and these come on offer every so often at about £20

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Thanks all any particular recommendations for an Epson printer then? Thank you


Thanks all any particular recommendations for an Epson printer then? … Thanks all any particular recommendations for an Epson printer then? Thank you

I would take a look at the Epson "Expression" range of AIO printers. Before purchase however, check on Ebay/Amazon etc. as to whether compatible inks ARE available. Please bear in mind though that this is only a suggestion and do not hold me (or anyone here offering advice) responsible if the inks turn out to be incompatible or damage the printer - as some compats have been known to do.

I prefer to pick up second-hand printers off the likes of Gumtree or your local 'freegle' type classified ads market. Then bung in some cheap compats and print away - never worrying if it goes wrong as it was peanuts anyway. I've purchased new printers in the past that have gone bang within months (using genuine ink too) and I've an old Epson Stylus that; once flushed with plenty ink; prints fine.

Another side to secondhand/used/refurbished etc. is that slightly older models of printer will have cheaper compat inks available. Newer models will have less (or even none!) and WILL be more expensive - supply & demand rules. My XP412 that I use quite regularly has compats readily available for less than 50p a cart if I buy in bulk. When I say bulk, I don't mean hundreds, I buy 12 or 16 at a time usually but I can get 52 for a little over £17. Yes, 52 cartridges! Ironically, from the same supplier a set for a newer XP435 - 1 set of 4 carts = £10.39. Big, big difference.

My personal advice? Unless you are desperate, keep an eye on Gumtree/Freecycle/Freegle etc. as their are always people giving them away. Yes, it can be a minefield but there are genuine people out there who will say from the start whether it has a problem or not. Just check the model number first to see what compats are available and you're good to go. Otherwise, check Ebay/Amazon for a good secondhand/refurb 'older' model and save money all day long!

As said previously, this is all just advice from a faceless keyboard jockey so; ultimately; the decision is yours. Remember, life is a gamble: some you win - some you lose! Hehe. Good luck with whatever you do, jo_bob.

Best regards, Phsy.
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