CompactGUI - Compress any Game/Apps with no impact on performance (Win10)

Edited by:"Deeco"Found 5th Feb
Got Windows 10? Great! With games nowadays taking upto 80GB+ for one single game I surely ran out of space easily on my HDD, but recently I discovered on reddit that Windows has a nifty little tool baked into the os known as 'Compact OS' which is a new mechanism that compresses all the installation files and pre-installed applications, letting you run Windows 10 from a compressed environment, reducing the footprint and freeing up space".

However, not many knew this like myself, as it can only be used via command prompt, but a great developer named 'TheImminentFate' created a tool with a visual interface for ease of use.


Here are just some of the results from other users and myself:…mes…rue

More info on how it works and download links, can befound here.
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Sounds like sorcery!
Just keep buying more drives
Yep, this can be a hughly useful tool, I'd definitely recimmend it.
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