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Companies doing video games wholesale

Posted 17th Dec 2010
Hi, I am back after a while. Actually I need you help guys and gals. I used to live in UK and this site was my favourite to find the best deals out there. Now I am back home in Slovakia and made my own e-shop.

I wonder if you know any UK (EU) companies, that sell games video games not only to customers, but they also do wholesale. If you believe me or not the price difference between my country and UK is sometimes 90%, usually it is 30-50% on new releases. So I wonder if anyone could help me which way to go and which comapnies I should contact.

Thanks a lot for all your help in advance!
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What you may find with video games (Especially with PS3 and XBOX) is that they are locked to certain regions. You may be okay as in Europe, not sure how tightly they do the regions.
After a quick google search I found - http://www.regalgames.com/
Might be worth checking them out?
ps3 games are region free.
I would say it's best for you to buy the games just on normal websites such as Zavvi, Play.com etc.
To get good prices on wholesale, you would need to be buying thousands at a time, as a bare minimum.
So i would just bulk buy off the major retailers and you should make some money.
Welcome back to the forum QenTox. Are you still running your website? I forgot the url.

You could take a look at The Wholesale Forums - not sure how good the prices are though.
RegalGames seems to be US based company operating in North America and to be honest I am not interested in US games (DLC incompatability). I am only selling PS3 games, not in thousands, it is more like hundred, or two hundred at the moment per a new release, but with better prices everything can change.

Play.com - they don't deliver to "eastern" europe, as they still somehow didn't realise, we are already nearly 5 years part of the European Union. Zavvi, The Hut, Game and so on they do deliver, but I need to have an invoice included in my order. My last orders from The Hut Group did'nt have any invoice at all. Game Group is very unreliable to be honest. Some pre-owned games are in mint condition, but on the other side brand new games are not sealed and last time I've ordered from them, the games were in a very bad condition. So I can not really order from these companies as I need more than 1-2 copies from each game.

flamingcarrot, that looks interesting, I'll have a look and let you know if I found anythin interesting there. My site was actually transformed from forum to e-shop, so that is the reason, why I created this topic.

Anyway thanks for your help, so far the thewholesaleforums.co.uk/ site seems to be something I can start with. If you will have any other ideas, please share them with me. Thanks again!
Good stuff. Best of luck in your new venture, Qentox.
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