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    Anyone heard of these or had dealings with them?…php



    This is a bogos website same as Kgadgets if you order you will get a declined in your order status, but they have your credit card details which they may use later. Suggest you cancel your credit card straight away

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    Cheers MFFRITH, thought it was too good to be true deals hence my caution.

    Got cards HSBC (got caught with the prices)

    Thanks I was suspicious and eventually got to you. I've cancelled my card.

    I ordered off them two weeks ago having picked the site up from a price comparison website. I followed up today as had received nothing aside from a confirmation e-mail. I have checked with the CC company and no money has been deducted so have cancelled card. What I wonder is (and I probably am being naive here) what will they do with the information they have taken and why didn't they take the money off my credit card? I can't believe I was so dim on this one!

    Yes – good advice. We don’t usually get hooked up this way either. Following the ‘Which? Best Buy’ status we put the model number into a Google search and there on the front page was the same model number, a silly price and a link to the Best HD Website. Interestingly, a search today of the same model number produces a similar Google page but without the link to this moody website. We have informed Google Security also. A call to the credit card company has confirmed no cash has been removed from the account and they immediately said they would send new card and pin number; a pain to have to re-register on trusted sites like Amazon, but safe. As stated above, these folk have the card details, address and, strangely, the date of birth of said gullible victim. Good luck to all viewers; Amigos
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