Company supplied part of a matching order and then cancelled the outstanding items

    I recently ordered a matching outdoor table and chairs from Asda George following a HUKD post. The table being one item and the chairs another. ie it was not a 'set' as such but part of a matching range.

    The table was delivered the next day whilst the chairs were quoted as being supplied within 3 weeks on the website and it said "This item is available for ordering however it will not be despatched until stock is received in our warehouse" on the order confirmation.

    However a few days later I received an email from ASDA headed "Sorry! We've made a mistake with your order"going on to say that this was because "The item(s) on your order are currently out of stock"! and that a refund would be made for this element.

    Ideally we want what was ordered.... as a table without the matching chairs is useless. I knew that the chairs would take a while and am prepared to wait for delivery.

    Given that the chairs were significantly reduced from £180 to £38 I wonder if this is just 'convenient' for ASDA and as they seem to be part of a longstanding range ,if they will eventually be re advertised at a significantly increased price which we cannot afford.

    Has anyone any experience or advice for such a situation please. Is there any way that I can pressure the company to honour the original order and price even if it means waiting some time.




    If they have not got the chairs then they can not supply them. However, that also means they have not completed your order as placed allowing you to reject the table and receive a full refund. You would need to look after the rejected goods until they arranged collection. Refund is not dependent on their collection though as is their error.
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    Remember it isn't Asda that makes the items it is a 3rd party supplier. And if they can't supply the goods to Asda there is nothing asda can do so pressurising them especially with the reduction on the items offers would be a time consuming way to go ,if you don't like them just get them returned ,and search elsewhere life is to short to worry about things like this

    You can ask, but you can't force them to supply the ordered items for that price. Even if they were just giving you an excuse to not have to honour the price (which I think is unlikely), they're allowed to do so - it is not considered to be 'accepted' until the item has been dispatched. Any point up to then, and they can cancel for any or no reason. I would ask, and if they are firm that they can't deliver the items, return the rest of the items that you no longer need.

    Argos use this trick all the time you order something in the sale then it doesn't arrive you get an cancellation email for the order saying item is out of stock the next day the sale ends and it's in stock everywhere at normal price. But you already had the refund and nothing you can do about it. As somebody said earlier on in the thread they don't have to honour until dispatched so it's a way out every time.
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    Thanks everyone for your contributions
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