Company that Embroiders polo shirts?

    I'm looking for a good deal for embroidering polo shirts for the local Scout Unit. I have the design as a .gif file. I have tried googling for this but I'm having trouble sifting through the hundreds of companies that do this sort of work!

    Does anyone know of a good deal, or can anyone recommend a good company?

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    Try these guys
    They have a massive range,and as long as you are buying a few items. There should be no set-up charges. All the other Companies I tried wanted a set-up fee for using my own artwork. I think the guy to speak to is called Peter Castle:thumbsup:
    Let me know how you get on:)

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    brucem, thanks for the link. Assuming that you ordered from them, was there any problem with the order coming from America?

    Sorry that should have been
    The guy to speak to is Peter Castle. He does all my stuff for Le mans every year and his prices are usually pretty good. Looking at my invoice I paid £9.50/£10.00 for polos. Obviously it will depend on which brand of polo you choose.

    If you want it more local, try your local school outfitters. They tend to know a local company.

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    Thanks for the help. Rep added:thumbsup:

    try [url][/url]

    they do work wear and maybe what you need

    You could try…htm
    They are based in Kirkwall but do orders all over the UK

    My uncle has a machine at his workplace in nottingham and could probably offer a competitive price if you're interested?
    PM me if you would like me to make enquiries with him for you.

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    Thanks to all for your help with this:thumbsup:
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