Compaq CQ70 laptop

Hi - this isn't a deal, because I'm pretty sure it's old stock, so I'm posting here looking for feedback, really. (Though if anyone is interested, I just got this laptop at my local Tesco for £129 - but it was the last one). I figure that at that price, it can't be bad (though it does say it's Intel dual core, 2GB memory, 250gb hard drive - how bad could it possibly be??). Vista, though.

Anyway, I can't find much info from internet searches, and even the Compaq website doesn't have much! So, does anyone have one? Had any problems with it?? Haven't opened the box yet, in case I find some reviews somewhere that say it's not even worth what I paid ...!


looks a real bargain to me , people will bang on about vista but personally i think it is not the best but ok, i have laptops on xp,vista and windows 7 by the way.Would love to find this at my local tesco for the mrs other laptops are my kids

will buy it off you if you do not want it

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Thanks - but I reckon I'm keeping it. I was just thinking loads of people might say they've had problems with this model, there were design flaws or whatever - but I guess it would have to be pretty bad to not be worth the price

I'm sure there aren't many about, but it was on the Clearance shelf - there was a Compaq with AMD processor reduced to £279 (one only) and I'd gone back to get the model number so I could see if it was worth having at that price but it had been sold since I'd first noticed it. This one was on a separate shelf, no price in sight, and with the Intel processor I just assumed it would be more. Took it to the desk just to check the price and was pretty shocked to see it come up at only £129! So there's not much point in me posting it as a deal and sending people off looking for it when it may not be available everywhere/anywhere(!) else - but it may be worth seeing what your nearest Tesco does have on the Clearance shelf, though.
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