Compaq Mini 730EA 10" Netbook being sold on QVC now for £529.80 - Ripoff?

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    Surely this well overpriced, seeing as you can get a Dell or Acer for £200

    What do you think?


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    Direct link -…gle

    Channel 16 on freeview

    more importantly why are you watching qvc?

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    more importantly why are you watching qvc?

    Just looking for something to watch and came across it.

    Surely people do research online before commiting to that sort of money?!

    well i would, hence my many posts on hukd, it angers me when people pay over the top prices for no good reason, e.g my parents

    The broadband is worth £99 and the extended warranty is worth over £100. I believe the case and mouse are not standard either. Stacks up when you look at it fully.
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