Compaq Presario All in One - speed query please??

    Ok I'm looking to buy this all in one, but I'm just concerned whether the speed of the PC is going to be noticeably slower than my current one in terms of surfing.

    Compaq Presario spec is here -->‌…tml

    My current PC (which im having some issues with!) is a Gateway which has an Intel® Core® 2 Duo E4300 Dual Core processor (Each core operates at 1.80GHz Shared 2MB L2 cache and 800MHz FSB - whatever that may mean!)

    I'm not concerned about the size of the hard drive in the Compaq as will use an external hard drive as well.

    I DO NOT play games on the PC, so really just want it for surfing, Facebook, eBay, emails and watching videos on YouTube

    What's the Intel® Atom(TM) D410 processor like for my needs?? Adequate?? Will pages be slow to load up?

    Any useful advice gratefully received, I know it's quite low spec re the hard drive but I'm aware of that and as mentioned above, gaming is NOT for me :-)

    And the price is very appealing to me



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    Compaq link linky

    I don't personally own one but from what you've described it should be alright for your needs - it's not a high-end CPU and it should be more than able to handle watching videos online but you may need to watch on a lower-pixel resolution within the YouTube video frame i.e. 360p or 480p.

    Best bet would be to see if PC World, Curries or another firm has them available instore so you can physically check it out - at least that way you would get an idea of what it's like.
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