Comparable to now obsolete Panasonic TX32LXD52- replacement

    My sisters tv has blown up and is under warranty. It is not economical to repair and so the retailer is suggesting replacing it with a TX32 LZD85. This retails on the John Lewis site at £750. Prices have come down so while this is £500 less then the price she paid for the original this does not mean it is any worse but of course it could be.
    Do you think this is the most correct Panasonic replacement for the old model on the basis she is not meant to be in a worse positon but nor is she entitled to a super upgrade?
    Thanks very much

    Panasonic TX32LZD85 :
    Please can someone let me know what they think of this tv? Any good or are there better Panasonic alternatives? Also is it about to be superceded by updated model? Thanks


    I'd say thats a fantastic replacement.

    They are offering her a 1080p LCD tv, when they could just as well offer her a 720p (LXD) - although the difference of 1080p vs 720p at this size screen is negligible.

    Obviously prices have come down, but as equivalents she is getting a better deal, as the Panasonic LZD85 is one of the best in its class [best 32inch panasonic do as well]


    ive got the tx32lzd70 100hz version and its greateven though a year or maybe close to 2 old now

    fantastic tv and when i was looking i did extensive research and this came out on top between the sony, toshiba and somethng else

    id imagine theyre still up there as panasonic are the leaders of the pack around that price range

    The LZD85 is a great TV and I would have bought it if it was available at a decent price (I last saw it for £650 in Comet).

    But I went for the Panasonic TX-32LXD85 which I found in Tesco yesterday for only £418. Great price for a 100hz TV, even if it is not full HD, it looks amazing at HD ready. The price for this TV will go back up on the 5th of May 2009 so hurry!
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