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Has anyone got any feedback on whether a Sony Vaio or Toshiba laptop would be the best to buy?

The best deal I have found on the vaio that I want so far is FW11E (very nice model) model for £649.99 for laskys and 2.5% quidco. If anyone knows of anywhere cheaper for this (apart from ebay) or any decent spec and cool looking laptops then can they please reply to this post?

Thank you very much! :-)


I dont know of any cheaper places. But I can definately recommend the Sony Vaio - I currently have the FW11M and am very happy with the speed, looks, graphics... havent got anything I could complain about and it has bluray player and hdmi ports to connect to my TV.. Awesome.

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Ah brilliant! I keep thinking about paying the extra for the SR model but seems like its less specs for more money! But it looks so darned funky!

I looked into all of the current range and went for the FW series because I wanted it to play bluray and wanted a fast procesor. The FW series have the intel centrino 2 processor that has I think a 1000 bus speed rather than the 667.

SR are small for mobility... 13.3" screen.. Not big enough to watch movies and play games! Visit a Sony store, I am sure they will have the SR and FW series.

FW11E few of these on Ebay at good BIN prices (& on auction)

.. edit: sorry just read your OP again

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Thank you anyway.. Ive seen a couple go at bargain prices on ebay.. Its just Ive been bitten before and sometimes they are grade 2 PC's etc.

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Ive seen all the laptops on show.. I like the toshiba ones but they are a bit shiny.. I think the vaio looks more sophisticated and less monster ish... Just not sure whether or not the vaio would be better performer overall as toshiba seem to be such high specs!

You pay extra when you buy a Sony laptop or any thing is because you are paying a premium for the Sony Badge! But to be honest I have never had a problem with a sony laptop or anything. But if you are after a hi spec machine for the same price then Toshiba is the way forward!

Toss a coin!! lol


they have toshiba lappys on john lewis with 2 year guarentees, not sure if its what you looking for but thought ide mention it
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