Comparing LG OLED C1 and B1 TV displays

Posted 26th Nov 2022 (Posted 2 h, 5 m ago)
I currently have an LG 42" LED that's satisfied me for a good 10+ years, but now looking at getting an LG OLED and comparing the pictures of the C1 and B1. I understand that when "blacks are blacker" that gives a better picture, but in the comparison snaps below, although this site scores them very similarly, I can see a great deal of difference with the blacks. On the right, with the C1 it's darker, but my question is isn't it also losing detail compared to the B1 on the left? For example you can't see any detail around the fire?….10
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    There's something off about these pictures. Like they were using a different ambient light, camera, settings etc. It's not just the TV that looks grey.

    B1 and C1 will have the same blacks. What is a bit different will be near-black, shadow details.
    Yeah good observation, that might be the reason
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    To difficult to see properly on phone due to poor quality of the picture
    I've added a link below the screenshot
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