comparison between Windows 7 Professional vs ultimate

Found 6th Jun 2010
anyone tried out windows ultimate? hz is the performance compared to windows 7 professional?
I looked at the specs and ultimate is bringing more bitlocker security, so was wondering how fast is the response and perfomance of the system?
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I'm running ultimate, there is no reason for it to be any faster, its more a case of a little extra security (which isnt really necessary unless you travel a lot with sensitive data).

I wouldn't upgrade for performance reasons.…are

this would give you more info on the feature differences between different versions of windows 7.

in simple terms professional is catered more towards enteprise segment and ultimate is more towards home segment.
thanks guys.
I compared it in windows site..
But i wanted to get the real experience from people who have tried ultimate editions..
I'm now planning to go ahead with professional version then
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