compatible led bulb for Lutron rania remote light switch

Found 15th Jan 2015
Hi guys. I fitted a Lutron rania ir light switch and it's amazing. But my chandelier has 3 x 60w normal bulbs and I want to be more eco friendly. I got some tcp led bayonet bulbs from homebase. I plugged one one and it turned on straight away. I was very sure that I turned it off. So I picked up my remote and turned it on. It went bright. So the bulb brightness would go up and down. But it would not turn off. It would always be giving about 30% light which is annoying. I looked online but the compatible list is showing us brands which doesn't help me.

I would really appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. I wanted it to be dimmable led candle bulb.

Many thanks
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Probably due to the extremely low load, but could be the small power required to monitor for IR use is enough to power the LEDS.
Apparently there is a load simulator mentioned on this page that may help.
You may find similar item cheaper from other suppliers.…tml
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