Compensation from an 02 refresh default

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A bit of simple advice

Did an 02 refresh on phone and paid off. I thought it went well.

8 months later went to apply for a bank account but refused. Very suprised and I did a credit check and establised that 02 defaulted me because they did not reconcile the closure properly and I ended up with a bad credit score. This is a common occurance with them.

Finally after months of hassle cleared the default because it was their fault. What was worse was that they actually owed me money.

My credit score has now gone right to the top - it was nothing else that affected it.

I submitted a complaint and at the moment I have been offered £280 as compensation.

I do not believe this is enough as it had impacted on my financially and was unable to follow through some financal transactions because of my poor credit score and had to spend extra to get alternate financial products.

We are in deadlock and they said they will present that if I go to the ombudsman.

This seems to be a common occurance with them and by now should have practices and procedures in place to avoid this issue.

What do others think? Do you think £280 is enough - I certainly do not but I really don't want to be pushing if case history is against me.

Thanks in advance.
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£280 was above what I expected them to offer, if you do decide to go to the ombudsman the onus would be on you to prove the negative aspect it had on getting alternative financial products. They then would argue that you didn't show due diligence in finding the best product out there at the time etc.
It's entirely up to you to let this go, but sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on.
Do you really want or need the fight?
Take it
Take the money, they might not offer as much next time.
if you didn't notice for 8 months, and removed it when you highlighted it (albeit after some hassle) i don't see how you can justify a higher level of compensation.

how would you demonstrate you are directly out of pocket by more than £280?

you're lucky to be offered £280 to be honest
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