Competition - CD WOW 42" plasma screen.

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Found 8th Dec 2004
Members of CD WOW can enter a competition to win a 42" plasma screen.

www4.cd-wow.com/off…723 >To enter<

To become a member signup for free www4.cd-wow.com/cre…php >Click Here<


more info on prize...

Win a 42" Plasma Screen worth £2,000 - Please login to enterWin a … Win a 42" Plasma Screen worth £2,000 - Please login to enterWin a state-of-the-art 42” Plasma Screen worth £2,000 from Soundtrack Channel, the place to tune in on Sky Digital at 241 for the latest film and entertainment news and soundtrack videos. Soundtrack Channel also features competitions where you can win

When I go to the page and click enter competition, it states that it can't find the page :cry:

Just as well I have a 42" plasma


Think it's here:


There's another for Chronicles of Riddick + LCD TV also.

Thanks for this one

Answer - 241

Original Poster

Thanks for the answer. I am not sure what the problem is with the link. I just tried and it did take me to CD-Wow site and displayed the competition link at the bottom of the page.

It does have a link to get a free bar of chocolate now as well.
Just looks like a link to the sweet survey site - that I don't like myself.

lol Just clicked the links + it goes to two different pages twice.

The competitions are listed on the little ads.

The chocolate is from sweetcollect, but it's an incentive site, you have to earn so many sweets before they send any out I think.
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