Competition - FREE T-SHIRT and it's not closed thank u

I used to love pot noodles too...

mod edit: The link provided by mickyb is now further down the posts


link down? :x :cry: :?

can't even get to the homepage :x

same here...

why hav u put it's closed when it blatantly aint.
iamsad.co.uk/fre…php <<<<<<<< fools all of u

iamsad.co.uk/fre…php <<<<<<<<

for all those people that sed ooo it's closed
and oooo it's a dead link
and oooo i wanted a pot noodle as well
well shurrup
there's the friggin link

Thats a competition, your title needs to reflect that

oh for gods sake

get over it


oh for gods sakeget over it

Just needed to put "Competition" in the title mickyb, but I've done it for you.

Thanks for the post!


wtfwhy hav u put it's closed when it blatantly … wtfwhy hav u put it's closed when it blatantly aint.http://iamsad.co.uk/freebies.php <<<<<<<< fools all of u

Yesterday the link didn't work mickyb. It was different to the one you have here now, that's why I put closed in the title.....

I'll now merge it with your new post that has the correct link.
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