Competition - WIN-Ferrero Rocher

    Just answer this simple question for your chance to win.


    What was the famous Ferrero Rocher line used in their TV adverting over the past few years?


    1. Ambassador, with these chocolates you are really spoiling us!

    2. Ambassador, what cracking chocolates you have!

    3. Ambassador,you are the chocolate man!

    To qualify for entry, completed applications must be made via the website and must be received by 04.12.04.


    thanks! answer is number 1, of course!


    Thanks you two These are nice yummm Don't eat the chocolate don't eat the chocolate oops too late

    mmmm chocolate...

    i spied some earlier...

    time for a middle-of-the-night chocolate hunt!!!

    Thanks, I'm a chocoholic.

    Did you notice the option for entering the year you were born listed years going back to 1890! Other sites go back a long way as well, do you think they have many people over 100 entering these types of competitions?
    (no need to answer that :lol:)

    Thanks for the compy, there is another one now on that site for Persil


    answer is number 1, of course!

    I thought it was: The man from Ferrero Rocher, he say YES!

    Your getting confused with the man from Del Monte Jcat, "what a mistakea" to makea" Allo Allo

    The man from Ferrero Rocher, he say nothing coz mouth full of chocolate

    I remember now, it was: Ferrero Rocher, that'll do nicely, sir!

    Damn dyslexia, i thought it said ferrari
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