Found 15th Sep 2016
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I can't find a forum... I just wondered if anyone's actually won any competitions through this site and which ones are the best ones to do?
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do everyone you can for each moment of your life & you will win.

Had over £6k worth of goods & prizes within a year & a bit but I dont do it now.
Just wait for the flamedeer

Probably quicker to read through this thread rather than wait for replies. Fitchet really is the HUKD Compo' King.
I've been doing competitions for over a year now and not had a single win:(Thank you, Saturn! I'll check it out
the win a date with miles is very popular on here and there is a winner every week just pm me to enter
the comp that it

Just wait for the flamedeer :3X)

Found the.... especially for YOU

Well maybe others (_;) (_;)

Licki Brush

Found the.... especially for YOUWell maybe others (_;):p(_;)Licki Brush

Oh dear X) I think I might just sick to giving him hugs!
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