Competitions: What have YOU won??

    Has anyone on here ever won a compettition? If so what?



    I won a prize in the £100,000 giveaway but it will make you sick if i tell you what i won


    What did you win beersbaker???

    A 25p voucher?? :P


    What did you win beersbaker???

    a 37" LCD Television, a laptop, a home computer, a psp, a ps2, an xbox360, a nokia n90, and 10 games for each console

    I'm really happy just waiting for delivery now sometime in the next couple of weeks

    I've also won 2 dvd's from piracyis a crime comp

    Editor[color=indigo] WoW! Fantastic, thats great news are Fab!![/color]


    I won a £750 watch on ebay Competition , watch didnt look like it was worth £750 so sold it for £500 on ebay :o)

    Won a copy of 'Flight Simulator' from Microsoft, and an all-in-one universal remote control from OneForAll. It's really exciting winning a prize, even if they're not worth that much.

    I just got a bar of Butterscotch Green & Blacks choccie from Classic FM.

    That was a freebie entry though wasn't it? Either way i got the same bar. Just eaten it actually, not too bad!

    Think it was in the competition section.

    something like first howevermany correct entries or something,

    still great though.


    I just got a bar of Butterscotch Green & Blacks choccie from Classic FM. … I just got a bar of Butterscotch Green & Blacks choccie from Classic FM.

    Yeah this came in the post this morning, soon into my mouth. It was a freebie not competition prize.

    I didn't get one. There were 10,000 available.

    ive never one aNYTHING in my life

    one time i decicded to do a competition every day for a year and i figured i was bound to win something (however small or ridiculous) and all i got was a mailbox fulla spam! lol guess i jus dont have luck on my side!!

    I don't really enter many cmopetitions as a rule (although have clicked through to a few from this site since discovering it :D)

    I won a fantastic prize from Capital Radio last year though: A week long family (2 adults 2 children) trip to New York. We're going on the 20th May I'm so excited... so many shopping bargains to be nabbed! lol

    Dawta once won a Chris Moyles from radio 1 t shirt I hate celebrity tarzan, well she didn't exactly win it she just asked Aled for one when he came to Barnsley!! She feels like she has won it though!! Also won a box of chunky kit kats and a load of other nesle junk, in a cinema comp .....always worth avin a bash particularly if it costs u nowt!!

    Never won a thing in my life - lol

    I'll have to start entering more competitions

    yeah, well that would help

    lol - I entered about 30 today because of this lets wait and see

    We'll also see who wins the racing grannies this Friday!!

    I once won a 3 piece set of samsonite luggage from my local bank. Like those:

    That was great! Now all i need is to win that holiday to disneyland....!

    I better say that I'm a bloke before I tell this story in case you thought different due to my avitar. ( i just like Pucca, that's all)

    Anyway, the only thing I can ever remember winning was a pair of tights (nice, very useful)

    you think that was bad.... well I was a young man at the time and unattached, so I gave these tights to a girl friend, you know, being friendly and all that, only to get them thrown back at me and having to explain why I thought she needed 42" hip tights!!!! And she meant it!! The wrath of a woman! Oooops!! That was the day I learnt tights came in different sizes! :lol:

    I just won an Ice Age 2 goodie bag!
    (just wish I'd won tickets to the premier though )

    But i'm still VERY HAPPY!!

    Who was that with ?

    I watched Ice Age 1 last weekend - thought it was funny

    Digital Spy

    A free webcam from Logitech courtesy of MSN messenger.

    lol @ 50p "experience", i won a 14" telly from my local bowling alley like 10 years ago but that’s bout it! Pretty lucky to get it, had to choose a ticket out of a MASSIVE box full of thousands of them. Was only running a few days and I won the only prize

    no me but took a colleague to last years ESS (embedded systems show) as I did not want to drive from Stirling all the way to Birmingham by myself and he won $50000 worth of development kit for the company! me nothing

    Last month i was the first to reply to a question via txt to BBC Asian Network radio station, but on that particular day (thursday) i had like 4 back-to-back lectures at uni, so i had my phone in silent with vibration which i didnt feel at all, after 4 hours i realise i got a voicemail message, i ring back and i find out i missed the deadline to claim it on the same day, :cry:

    what would the prize have been?

    The whole of the Top 20 Bhangra album chart, oh how i weeped that night.

    My daughter just won some fisher price 'Little People' and a DVD. I don't really even remember entering it!

    Well if your daughter won it you wont have entered in her name would you ??

    i won two tickets to see prince nazeem fight. that was a few years ago though. haven't won anything since!!!! :x

    I won a Nintendo GBA and 2 games from Nat-West, on the launch and upon joining the banks Advantage Gold A/C - which now costs me £12.00 a month !!! I must have paid for it 3 times over already !

    When i was at crufts this year i had a go on the Bakers stand spin a wheel and won the STAR PRIZE............a game of Jenga. :x

    I just received the complete Aeon Flux animated series boxset in the post. It was one of the Zoo magazine competitions I entered after someone posted the link on here.

    do they email you telling you you have won or do they ring you up? cos although i sign up for some i never actually check the email address

    My best win used to be a £20 gift voucher from Radio 1 when I was about 7 however last year entered to win opportunity to be on the stage for the Red Hot Chili Peppers tour.

    I was sooooo shocked when this nice man called me from the states to say I won. Didn't believe it til I was actually on the stage with Anthony Kedis stood a foot in front of me looking VERY hot! :thumbsup:

    I have won a signed Barenaked Ladies tshirt and a cd. I have also won a signed Gemma hayes setlist.
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