Competitions... What's the point? :)

TBH, I am struggling to get the idea of "find the cheapest price" competition. It looks like the goal is to find best price and product quality simply doesn't matters. Me think it wrong...
When I am going to buy some product (say, wireless router), I am doing the following research:
1. Identify price point.
2. Idenity my needs.
3. Conduct a list of what is available on the market as there is no point to read reviews for some model which is only sold in Oz.
4. Visiting specialized forums (paying no attention to any reviews in printed magazines of course), going into techie details (for example, NAT table size for routers).
5. Creating short list of products that'll for sure suit my needs, taking in account warranty and support terms. Usually having no more than 3 products in it.
6. Looking for best price.

I understand that this process might not be suit everyone But as you can see, my point is to find best deal on best product and not the cheapest on the market.

My proposal is to identify one or two products in its class and then run price comparison competition on these products only.


You are looking for the best price but it has to fit in to the specification given (if any). Other than those specs nothing else matters...

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Yes, but specs are very generic and hardly give any indication about product quality.

People do have different opinions about "quality" though. I agree, if it's a wireless router for example some could ahve a range of 5 metres, some could have a range of 50 metres. There's not much can be done about it though bacause it'd be hard to find a way of linking "quality" to "price difference". If something was good quality then how much more could it cost than a low quality one in order to still win?

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I mean, prior to competition, people can agree on two-three particular models and then do competition on these models only. For example, do you honestly think that LCD TV from XaoXioTech (or some other never-heard-of manufacturer) will be better than top-of-the-range Samsung or Panasonic?

It's also about how affordable a product is. What some find as a reasonable price for a product, others might require or not want the same qualities for that price. Yes it's to find the lowest price for xxxx with a specified criteria. Arguing qualities would be too time consuming for our simple little fun deal hunt competition

Anyway, #4 deal hunt is now on, with at least some quality criteria to follow.

Remember though that although they might not be winners some of the posts where you believe there could be high-quality stuff can still be used - we aren't stopping people from buying them.

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I still think that cheap isn't always cheerful and therefore finding lowest price isn't right. But then again, I am not going to be participate in competition anyway
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