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Found 30th Nov 2007
As per usual I am getting poor service from Sky (3 refurb plus boxes in 5 months) and I have given up asking them to do a complete service call, as they tried to tell my wife we get a poor signal as we live in a rural area... Anyway who is their regulator, is it Ofcom? I looked at Ofcoms site and it looked more to do with programme content rather than actual service? Any suggestions? The e-care email address '' seems to not work anymore and you have to complain via Skys website which says they will get back to you in 5 days. Fed up of spending my time on the phone to them also, why should I pay for the privellege of complaining to them?
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I had sky plus installed, it had to be installed by some expensive sub contractors who actually did the job properly as I have an old slippy roof, they didn't just point the dish in the same direction as next door. They replaced the digital receiver on the dish not the actual dish which fixed the low signal problem. Try [url][/url] for sky numbers, I've got a few but not that happy to give them away as they get cancelled very quickly. (*******s).

On a side note what was wrong with your sky plus box?
Cheers. I dont actually think anythings wrong with this Sky box or the last one. I suspect the quad LNBs gone funny. I'm tempted to put a spare one I've got in there. Skys answer is to keep chucking refurb boxes at me... Dont suppose you have any email addresses you can PM me if you dont want to divulge numbers? Thanks for your reply.

ps whose in charge of Sky these days? I tried Tony Ball's email to no avail.
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