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    i attended a wedding at the weekend and stayed at a hotel where it was being held. this is what i have just sent them. what do you think i should aim to get out of this, just an apology or some sort of compensation? have you had any similar experiences?

    I was fortunate enough to be invited to stay at Eastwood Park due to attending a wedding at the weekend. We were told that the bride and groom had secured a discounted rate and I happily paid £80 as what I saw on your website was more that acceptable. Everything was looking good until I opened the door to our room, this is where things started to go down hill.

    The room was dark, small and resembled something i'd expect from a £25 B&B. To say I was shocked is an understatement but as I was there to celebrate the coming together of two people I decided to 'accept' it. After our departure I discussed these problems with a fellow guest and realised that the condition of our room was totally unacceptable and I am now taking the time to bring specific problems to your attention.

    cobwebs, complete with spiders in bathroom window - if my girlfriend had attempted to open it im certain the whole place would have heard her scream.
    tiny for the price we paid and very basic
    towels were dirty so we were forced to share one between us.
    nothing to put on the floor when we got out the shower so had no other choice than to contend with a wet floor.
    shower door that needed to be held at an angle similar to that of an equilateral triangle to close.
    we had to ration the shower gel between us to ensure we didn't put anyone off their dinner after our long drive.
    that was inbetween dodging the powerful water that seemed to have a mind of its own when it came to tempertaure.
    luckily our route to the exit meant that we passed the breakfast room otherwise we would have missed out as no one informed us where it was.

    I would be grateful, if within your reply you could give reasons for why you think each of my issues raised are acceptable for guests to experience. Surely someone checks the rooms before they are occupied? This is standard practice is it not?

    I will wait to hear from you before I post a review of my experience online. I just hope the bridal suite was 100 times better than ours.

    I look forward to hearing your response.



    You probably should have complained at the time, but the 'threat' of the review at the end might work in your favour; I would expect much more than an apology though. Did you take any pictures of the room?

    I would of said something there and then, they more than likely would of swapped your room

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    didnt want to cause a scene as it wasnt my day to ruin, bride and groom think we had an amazing room!!!! i should have taken pictures, will bare that in mind next time

    Doesn't sound thaaat bad. Not £80 worth tho tbf.

    You should have had a quiet word with the reception whilst you were there.
    Some points don't seem to have much purpose, like the needing to ration the shower gel after your long drive, tbh you could have taken your own toiletries with you.
    Sounds like it was disappointing but I hope the wedding itself was good and that the bride and groom had a magical day.

    Should really complain there and then but either way review them honestly no matter what they offer if anything so others are aware.


    bit pointless complaining now. Be lucky to get an apology I reckon,

    and you went away for the night without taking toiletries? Surely anyone else would just ask at reception rather than trying to share one shower gel sachet.
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    paid £280 per night at a hotel in vienna for honey moon. Was a bit of mold in the bathroom so wrote and complained. They sent a £100 imperial torte cake to our home address. Was the nicest cake i ever tasted.


    csiman don't get me started on toiletries. Forgot our tooth brushes on our wedding night was running around the hotel in my boxers knocking on doors. No one answered the reception was just security and didn't speak english. Still we had a knock on the door in the morning after they had found some.

    we've just wrote to Frankie and Benny's (Metrocentre and HO) last week after receiving the worst customer services ever. just waiting for a reply. Considering we spend £40+ per visit, they better send us summit


    You ought to have let them know there and then. We went to a very reputable hotel on New Years Eve and it was appalling for the price we paid. Lacked organisation, the room was not great, food was hit and miss, no champagne and no canapes.

    I sent an email across to them just giving them feedback for next year and my views on how these simple errors could have been avoided and as opposed to me taking a negative tone in my email they were very grateful and have subsequently invited my girlfriend and I back for a nights stay in one of their luxury rooms.

    Sometimes the tone of your letter can decide how helpful the recipient wants to be.
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