Complaints Letters

    Does anyone know of any websites that can draft up a complaints letter?

    I need to write a complaint to my local housing, but am useless at writing letters.

    Any help appreciated


    Surely your local CAB would help?

    templates here…rs/

    i would just keep it simple apples

    state your complaint - plain and simple - no vitriol -

    make sure you address it to correct person in council - ring up and ask for name of head of housing

    good luck

    Just email them?


    Just email them?

    too simple

    if you write a letter they have to reply with a letter - make them earn their money:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks :thumbsup:

    As for the CAB impossible to get hold of them, they only open 3 days a week and you have to queue outside before they open then they only see the first 5 people.

    Will keep it simple, and thanks for the template.

    Nah a letter recorded delivery looks more of a complaint than an email :thumbsup:

    might be worth asking/phoning first and finding what there complaint procedure is. Most companies/organisations have set time frames etc in which they have to respond (if they dont meet this more reason to complain) and as mentioned before ask who your complaint should be addressed 2. :thumbsup:

    What is your complaint...maybe we could do a draft for you.

    I will start.

    Dear Sirs
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