Complete CCTV camera system for a 3 roomed Office

Found 22nd Feb
Hi fellow hukders,

I am politely requesting your technical knowledge;

Complete CCTV camera system for a 3 roomed office (each room is approx 3x4 metres)

ideally the spec is;

HD 720 or 1080
Cloud based access
HD drive recorder
Night vision
Audio record
Tamper proof
Motion sensor


And 4, 6 or 8 cameras?

Please kindly post links/ suggestions or comments/ recommendations

Is there anything else missing from the spec?

Thank you in advance
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Minimum cost is £35, without hardware…er/ plus £xx for signage, then you can consider the hardware.
It’s a little bit hard to say specifics as there’s so many factors to take into account.

Colour, bullet/dome, IP/Coaxial, IR range, quality, etc.

Hikvision is a decent system. The app is a little stuffy but it does the job.

Make it cabled to get less hassle. The systems are 4 channel, 8 then 16. So most likely go for 8 if there’s a chance to expand.

Check places like or maybe even eBay. Hikvision lists all their specs online so you can check if they’ll do.

I work in cctv so if you have compatibility questions. Let me know.
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