Posted 28th Nov 2022
Looking for some advice on how to handle the opportunities for cashback on this site.

I signed up with Argos, I haven't submitted a claim for the welcome bonus or monthly bonus yet as I am unsure how best to send my receipt. I only purchase using Fast Track which I thought would be an online purchase but I cannot be sure?

For online purchases: your online sales receipt must include your order confirmation number and purchase date , along with your name and membership number as well as the delivery fees amount in full.

For in-store purchases: your store receipt must include the name and address of the store, articles bought, purchase amount, date and time of the purchase and the last 4 digits of the credit card used.

Would a screenshot of the order number, total paid and order date attached to the claim form be enough?
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    Yes, I screenshot the order details in my Argos account and usually need to crop it a bit as you can only attach an image less than 500mb. It’s always been approved without a problem. Only thing to keep in mind now is that to claim the monthly bonus going forward they require you to submit an Argos receipt each month (or from the same retailer you signed up with them through). I usually get a gift card as don’t really shop in Argos that much.
    Thanks for the reply

    Do you include your address in the screenshot or just the order number total paid and order date?

    Can I submit the Argos receipt in the same fashion for the monthly bonus?

    Im also wondering if paying with nectar or gift card causes issues, seen mixed comments on that.
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    I just had a look, yes my delivery address is visible even though it’s a digital gift card I bought. I never pay with nectar points as I live in hope for a double up but quite often pay with a gift card, either an Argos or One4all and have always been accepted. Looking back at my notes, I see I’ve claimed the welcome bonus with the same transaction that gave me the link to sign up with them but for the monthly bonus have made a second transaction just to be on the safe side. I’ve also always clicked through them, so have 10% Cashback as well as the monthly bonus. Also worth noting that apart from the 10-15% online cashback they also do 2% back on your instore receipts as long as the retailer is listed on their site which includes all the major supermarkets.
    I will need to see how they handle my claim for the monthly bonus, if all goes well I will do the same for the welcome bonus. Made a couple of purchases, one has tracked the other has not but its in the list of visited retailers. Thank you for your insight
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    I think they are great, especially the £100 gift card at 20% off that you can buy each month. But if you are not completely satisfied the first 30 days are free yet you can claim the monthly bonus twice ( November & December) and the welcome one and cancel your membership with £45 better off , my brother did this without a problem
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    @etta191 I wish I had come across your advice when I signed up - I never claimed the £15 the first month as I had not paid it! So if someone else is signing up, sign up mid-month, get their monthly & welcome bonus in ASAP, then the second calendar month do the monthly bonus ASAP & then they can decide whether to cancel?

    As for

    they also do 2% back on your instore receipts as long as the retailer is listed on their site which includes all the major supermarkets

    How did you find out about this? (edited)
    Oh it’s truly hidden in their t&c. If you expand Section B: Benefit specific t&c it’s point 2 of the Cashback Rewards. They call it offline purchases, not instore apologies. I made the same mistake with my first email with receipts attachments and they replied I am not due Cashback as they are not in-store purchases, so sent the same email back with amended subject title to ‘offline’ and they credited the 2%
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    Is your account working ok and you can login?

    I've just tried to login and it says my account is no longer active so trying to see if it's an error with their website or I need to contact them
    Working fine