Posted 25th Jul 2022
Does anyone have a list of the retailers and their cashback operating with Complete Savings? I am sure this list could help others in their consideration to join.
I appreciate there will be voices for and against.
I understand I could sign up to get it, then cancel if not suitable, but I would rather not be handing over my financial details to another third party unless I believe it is worth it.
They just make it so damned difficult to see if it is worth having. Some of their terms do seem a bit restrictive, such as limiting the amount of cashback or items purchased within a specified time.
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  1. mrsandmum's avatar
    Ah thank you
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    Who are the common retailers that display the free trial pop up box after purchases?
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    The Trainline and Argos should give you the complete savings popup. I've done the Trainline because you can buy a child ticket for under £1 to claim your monthly fee back. Ive just started though so maybe someone knows better than me (edited)
  3. alex_ahlen's avatar
    found this:…800

    (it was linked in sign up sheet. This was through argos if that makes a difference although i dont think it should)

    Use control F to search in page for retailer (command F in mac) (edited)
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    Would take a while to type out lol there’s hundreds
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    Replying to

    Didn't realise it was almost all in double figures, although how do you take full advantage when they have purchase limits for certain items?
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    I would also like to know this
  6. mrsandmum's avatar
    @Evo_Stu would you? (edited)
  7. cybersilly's avatar
    Also any specific retailers which if we use, we can get monthly bonus from any retailer and not just the referring one. I understand older memberships allowed monthly bonus from any retailer but increasing the new ones restrict to the referring merchant only. Thanks hope it makes sense.
  8. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Who keeps getting a new trial courtesy of virtual cards?
  9. paddy.stone's avatar
    was trying something, apologies. (edited)
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    Do the giftcards you can buy extend to any grocers does anyone know?
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