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Complete Savings gift cards - Help

Posted 14th Dec 2019
I bought an Argos e-gift card this morning, but it still hasn’t come through. If anyone has bought a gift card from them before, how long did it take to come through? Do they send them out on weekends?
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I bought an iTunes one a while back and it took about 24 hours to turn up - can't remember if it was a weekend or not though
Mine have come up pretty quickly, check your junk or bin inboxes, also they come from a company called Svm global, hopefully they should arrive soon, you can check your order on the site, make sure you’ve got the right email, to be fair when I entered the wrong email(not mine but a friend’s) they were pretty good at sending it again.
Had an argos egift card few days ago, came in the same day. But i think they state the usual time frame something like 2-4 working days. Bought another one4all physical gift card and it took few days to arrive. Egifts usually within the same day...
For me, the Argos e-gift cards normally come through within a few hours but have sometimes taken a few days. Might just be my imagination, but seems to take longer if connected over VPN. I can understand this - probably goes through more fraud checks.
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