Complete the following song line..............

    Best Local derby in the world ever coming up on Sunday - can't wait.

    Got me thinking of this song..............

    "Stevie Bulls a Tatter..............."

    Can you complete the rest? :P


    Best local derby in the world???
    I didn't know Steve Bull played in Milan
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    Celtic vs Rangers??

    ^ this one!


    Celtic vs Rangers??

    Passion wise, possibly. football wise NO

    Original Poster

    You've not lived until you've seen the Black Country Derby

    Even then, it would still be last on MOTD

    still waiting for the next correct line

    He wears a tatters hat....

    Original Poster


    He wears a tatters hat....

    we have a winner

    "He plays for Wolverhampton
    and he's a ******* ****"
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