Found 5th Oct 2017
Has anyone used this website? From what I've read a lot of cash back can be made but the monthly membership fee puts me off. Just wondering if people trust the site and have earned money once the fee has been paid?
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I'm joined with them, the fee gets refunded back you just send a Copy of the receipt to them. I'm very happy with them.
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Not a scam - just a differing operating model to other cashback sites - as mr1123 states fee refunded on purchase from site you signed up with - so crucial your initial purchase it via a company that you can envisage buying something from every month. Used them for 6 months and then cancelled with no issues.
I have to log multiple recurring unsolicited transactions as disputes all year round for customers at my workplace (credit card company) for this merchant and they attempt to circumvent blocks by operating under different merchant names.

Please don't provide them with any credit or debit card details as logging these cases is tedious and the dispute process is an unnecessary ballache for all involved.
Thanks everyone!
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