Component Inputs on TV

Found 25th Feb
So for my PS2, I am looking at this -…ent

However, it has the yellow connector unlike the current one I have? Surely you wouldn't use this if you're viewing your PS2 or PS3 via component would you?
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The yellow will be for video should you decide to use the cable as a scart connector (3 Phono).

To use it as a component cable simply ignore the yellow lead as that carries the low resolution video signal.
The Yellow lead is Composite Video which was the main standard for American TV sets as they lacked the european SCART/RGB standard. Component is very similar to composite video but the signals Y/Sync R B are separated to prevent cross talk.

The cable is fine as the lead is there only for backwards compatibility with older sets.
Component connection was the best you could get before HDMI came along, I think it was the only way you could get progressive scan when watching DVDs instead of interlaced?. Still got a component cable knocking around
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