Posted 1st Jan 2023 (Posted 8 h, 36 m ago)
Are there any better priced ones than £2 for 20 (7lt) from the supermarket? I prefer to get from the locally than online but prices seem a bit extravagant! (Our council doesn't provide them for free)

Any tips much appreciated, thank you!
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    You can with our council wrap everything in newspaper. I tend to put a bag in and then tip it out and make it into a bundle - bit like a bag of chips!
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    Can't speak locally - other than checking all the bargain basement stores, but if you buy bulk online you can get them a bit cheaper. £13 for 200 on Amazon was my last purchase (£13.57 with S&S today). Handy storage box to pull from a roll. About 30% cheaper - there may be even cheaper online if you look…h=1
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    We buy ours from co-op. Can't comment on value vs others
    I use the co op shopping bags, 10p each at the checkout. Not all co ops have compostible shopping bags.
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    Home Bargains used to have them,not looked for a while but am assuming they still have them.
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