compostite extension for wii

    i need to extend the composite that comes with the wii, i need it to be approx 4m in total, please help!

    i would have used component but already have it used up, plus would prefer composite - someone please help me , this is doing my head in now!!!!


    Does this look like it would fit:-

    I'll keep looking

    This company seem to have loads of cables and stuff for Consoles:-
    It might be worth asking them, they are in the US but I think they have an ebay shop. I've bought from US shops many times and delivery can be very fast, in some cases faster than a UK seller.

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    thanks dino, u r very helpful, it is much apreciated, im now looking on that site, the 1st option isnt the long length i need, i cant seem to find one anywhere!!

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    im not to sure if this will do it - any one else know? oops, bad pic, this is what it is:


    I wonder why some Wii owners haven't responded? If I knew exactly what you wanted I'd be more help.

    4m is a pain to find - Dinos link is the right one (and they are even on 3 for 2) but it's a standard 1.8m cable. had them prior to crimbo (unofficial obviously) but I don't think you'll find one that long short of cutting a 1.8m lead and extending it with your own excess cable.

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    im gonna go with rgb scart (comes 1.5m), joined with scart coupler, then add another scart (3m)into tv! sorted - i hope!!!!

    Thanks Sean. :thumbsup:
    I'm going to buy a Wii, they do look pretty good and I've heard some good things about the Wii. My first Games Console :oops:

    They are good fun, but none of the games out at the moment (except Zelda) have much longevity. Mostly party games really.. Definitely worth a play though, just make sure you pick up a second wii mote (or wii play as it's so cheap now, and comes with a controller). Argos do the wii + a game for £200 at the mo but 10% off if you take out their storecard makes it one of the better deals (instore rather than online, but saves delivery time).

    Definitely stick with scart at least, composite is pretty much the poorest quality connection you can get.


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    thanks john - will do!
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