CompTIA A+ Computer Maintenance Course - HELP!

Posted 29th Jan 2010
Hey guys, im looking to enrol in the CompTIA A+ course in Computer Maintenance to back up my skills in computer work with a recognised qualification, so i can get a job in the industry.

I enquired through Home Learning College, and have been advised that the course will cost £1800, payable immediately or over 12 or 24 months.

This seems very expensive to me, especially as i already consider myself fairly proficient in PC hardware and software maintenance.

Does anyone know of any alternative providers of this course at a lower cost? Or even alternative courses that may give me similar recognition?

Thanks for any help or advice given, i appreciate it
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home learning n all them skills direct companies are just out for the money. they promise you'll earn 30k after course completion etc, but all nonsense IMO. if theres anyone who has completed one of them courses then got a job thru them please let me know.....

id get the book & study at your own pace. im sure you'l b able to downlaod the course somewhere.

save your cash for a rainy day
Agree with above, far to expensive and don't believe the average salary 37k advert.

Have a look at computermanuals.co.uk/ buy yourself the study guide for a few quid.

Also take a look at jobs that your after to make sure it's the right qualification many aren't fussed about qualifications but rather will test you during the interview to check you know what your on about.
took this course last year, should have been £400 but army paid for me, you have to pay for your own tests, which from what ican remember are about £80 each, and theres 2.also have to buy your text book which is £35. i can find out how much civvys would pay if you want?
How old are you? If you are under 19 you can get it free.

If not, and you are fairly proficient with computers, I would buy materials (off Amazon for example) and book the tests. You could do it yourself for under £300 this way.

The price you've been quoted is a rip off, A+ only really takes 2-3 weeks full time study.
took me 4 weeks, and that was on a structured course. if your serious bout taking the course gve me a PM. still have alot of the course mtaterial
Do not spend over the odds on textbooks for this course. I bought a massive textbook and most of it was about the life stories of the author rather than A+. Then I bought the A+ for dummies book, much simpler, and has all you need to pass the exam successfully. It also has little hints and tips for the exam etc, tells you exactly what you need to know, rather than lots of nonsense. :thumbsup:

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I did A+ and N+ through Scheidegger and feel now totally ripped off by it.
I did the courses and passes with a 98% but I couldnt afford to go and do the exams.

It was about 5 years ago and cost a fortune. I was able to get a job in an independant PC repair shop which lasted 4 years, but I found working there was far more educational than study.
better hands on experience, trial and error and you find out which software as far as things like Internet security are doing their jobs well, which ones arent and which ones evolve over time.
you get to stay abreast of technology changes.

the only thing I can say about the A+ and N+ is the process of finding and solving faults hasnt changed.
even tho the technology has changed leaps and bounds since I did my course

I did A+ and N+ through Scheidegger and feel now totally ripped off by it.

I did exactly the same, gave up halfway through as i felt it was awful, some guy came round to my house and was quite pressurising, didn't feel i got any support from my 'tutor', complete waste of money and i still feel guilty about it now.

As it turns out i went down a completely different career path and am happy
WOW guys thanks for all the responses!! :thumbsup:

I will certainly to get hold of the course materials myself then and book the exams independently - will this still give me the same qualification if i had booked it direct through Home Learning College etc? I have seen lots of suggestions as to which books to get, so will have a look for the best prices on those, so thank you.

Where can i book the exams? Is it online or is it in person?

Im 24 so unfortunately have to pay for my courses myself, and would ideally like to get a job similar to slackrat77 (in a PC repair shop etc), but I have also looked at doing the Microsoft Desktop Support Technician course - can i take a similar approach with that (eg get the course materials and book the exams independently)?
getting a job in a pc repair shop its handy if you can sell well too.

the place i used to work basically I was the only one on the shop floor selling custom PCs, booking in repairs, selling and doing upgrades.

I had a workstation set up so I could have a coupla machines running at once and a spare monitor/kb/mouse on a desk so that if someone came in and wanted say, an ethernet card fitted, I could do it there and then, boot it up and install the driver, usually while the customer waited or came back within a certain time.

you'll learn a lot more, practically about computers and solving problems by the hands on experience.

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