Compulsory school at 16?

Posted 12th Jun 2020
My brother doesn’t want to continue school after year 11. He wants to instead start working as he’s already find himself a good job. But his school teacher is insisting that he HAS to study until he’s 18 years old otherwise parents will get fined.
Is this true?
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That’s News to me as well.
As far as I know compulsory is until 16.
Only If the Job offer he has is classed as a formal Apprenticeship.

Otherwise he needs to go to College/6th form…ool
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mas12312/06/2020 15:04

As far as I know compulsory is until 16.

Apparently I’m wrong:

Compulsory education and training until 18 becomes law. The Government has passed a law to ensure young people stay in education or training until they are 18. The Education and Skills Act makes education or training compulsory until the age of 17 from 2013, and 18 from 2015.
That’s News to me as well.
Yeah this actually changed 5 years ago ;-)

I only know as my eldest son was in the first year group affected by the change.
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He can work part time if they allow unless that's been changed
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If he wants to work just get the employer to make him an apprentice
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Think it's 18 now all to do with fudging the jobless figures.
furbars12/06/2020 16:04

Think it's 18 now all to do with fudging the jobless figures.

You’re absolutely right, it’s called NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training). I think each school or at least each education authority is judged on their % of neet kids within X period of time after leaving school. By making education compulsory until 18, it makes them look good as there are so few unemployed/non studying teenagers.
Is home schooling out of the picture?
An 11 year does not know the realities of the world, hence why we have to have some legislation though I agree 18 is probably excessive.(and agree on the govt. fudging figures.)
If they haven't made any advance up to 16, another two years of enforced eduction is only going to create very embittered (uneducated) youngsters.
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