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Found 18th Feb 2010
I bought my nan a PC couple of months ago and she enjoys going on the internet etc. Sometimes she has problems with the pc e.g. (zonealarm pops up and she dont know what to do). Is there a program that i can access here PC from my house and control hers?

I have heard of LogMeIn. But ideally want something where she doesnt have to press anything to allow me acces to it.

Thanks in advance!

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I think its called remote access....cant help you with it but might help for googling

you can use remote access, or just install VNC for free on both systems and set it up to allow connections automatically. (Obviously sort out firewalls too)

Try this asked my brother and he uses this one although I do know you can do this for free I think.…_GB

While I use ZoneAlarm myself I would ditch it for you nan and use the Windows Firewall instead. In Vista and Windows 7 this is probably fine. It will hardly ever "pop up" so less likely to confuse her.

Windows has Remote Desktop Connection built in. I think you can only be the person "dialing in" if you have Professional / Ultimate (not the home versions). Every version of Windows can be the "dialled in".…ces


so simple to use even my 80 yr old mother managed to instal it to let me control her pc and she's in Ireland…spx

Its free to use is your not a business


jus go into zonealarm and disable pop ups

I'm looking to use summit like this, but do both copies of Windows need to be originals :whistling:

Also, grandad isnt the best at things IT, so needs to be simple

[URL=""]Logmein[/URL] is free and works. I use it to help the inlaws in France.

Windows Live Messenger has this option

1. Click Menu
2. Select Actions
3. Select 'Request Remote assistance'

then get the other user to accept

Original Poster

Thanks that teamviewer looks great! Will try gotomypc and windows live messenger too.



just tell her to turn it off and on again :lol:
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