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my dvd drive thing has stopped working on my pc. whenever i put a dvd in it wont spin it but makes a slight clumping noise like its trying to spin it. anyone know how i could fix it?:)


Are all your drivers updated?? If so, you may need a new drive! :?

They're not that expensive tho! HTH

Congrats on 1000 posts by the way!! :w00t:

sounds like it has died ...these are beyond economic repair can buy a new one for about a tenner or a dvd writer drive for about £18.or you may wish to buy a used one on ebay..if you want any further guidance on a purchase just ask.

yes congrats from me also on your 1000 posts

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ok thanks to both, rep coming. i guess i will have to but a newie, but it will have to be external cos i wouldnt know how to install an internal lol.

oh and thanks for the congrats:)

It's only a couple of cables -if you let us know location one of us might be close enough to do it for you.
Externals aren't too much more though - less than £45 even for a dual layer external lightscribe (which is what I personally would reccomend for functionality).

take it out bang it on the table and test if its not broke now repeat!

in all seriousness you can get a new one for £20

Assuming its a tower PC and not a laptop, then...

Removing a CD/DVD Drive
Disconnect the power, audio, and CD/DVD drive cables from the back of the drive and from the system board.

Open up the side of the PC and follow the diagram:

There should be two screws holding in the drive, take them out and remove the drive from the front.

With the new drive, just do the reverse, but make sure that on the back of the drive, you'll see loads of pins but one set will have a plastic part over them. Ensure that these are set to slave (a diagram on the top of the drive or on the back will show how it should look).

For example, if you look at the photo, there is a white plastic plug near the left of the drive. That is what is used to set the drive to "slave", though more than likely it will be black plastic

The cables will only fit one way.

Once thats done, re attach all the cables and re start. The PC should automatically notice the new drive and that's it!

Hope this helps!

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thanks lawe, thats very usefull:thumbsup:
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