Computer advice - i7 with ssd geforce graphics good ram

Found 14th Jan
I've been looking on and off for probably over a year now to replace my computer, I would like something that will last me for quite some time and that would have scope to upgrade.

I have looked at the possibility of self build (I have someone that is willing to build it if I cannot) as well as pre-built...

I set myself an "under £1000" criteria for the budget and have a sort of spec in mind but I'm finding it hard to do, everything seems to either be over budget or compromise on something

Desired spec:

Intel i7 (was looking 7700k with a cooler master hyper 212)
Geforce GTX graphics (thought 1060/1070/1080 6gb)
Decent motherboard would be nice to have raid and sli if price allows (looked at MSI Z270 SLI Plus)
16gb ram (2x8gb but expandable)
256 SSD (would like 400/480 but depends on budget with other parts)
2tb storage drive
Wireless card
r/w dvd/blueray
multicard reader
looked at a corsair 750w power supply

I do a lot of online browsing with multi-tabs, used Autodesk autocad and want to used 3d packages, a bit of photoshop. I have a 4k gopro that it'd be nice to be able to do something with the footage (admittedly not using the full 4k)
Also it'd be nice to have the option to play some decent games (quite like GTA and have played COD in the past)
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With the cryptocurrency and mining boom, and the inflated cost of memory due to the demand from the mobile phone manufacturers, now is a terrible time to be thinking about economical gaming PC builds. If you can hang on for a while with any luck prices might normalise.
Pound is also at the highest it’s been against dollar since brexit, so if sustained should see prices starting to drop a little.
doesn't appear to be getting any better, all I hear is negative stuff like the pound dropping and gpu's being high cost due to mining machines if that's actually a thing
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