Computer advice needed before purchasing

    Hi, I'm purchasing a new computer, I have just brought a 20" monitor so just need to sort out the rest, but wanted to get some advice on here before I took the plunge and spent a large sum of money, as I'm not the most advanced with computers

    Looking at this Dell machine as the coupon code works, until midnight tonight anyway:…140

    Things I'm looking for:

    > Needs to be quick - want to do audio editing in ProTools M-Powered, want to be able to play games like C&C RA3
    with graphics set to max and want to be able to run multiple apps and change between them without waiting for the screen to load.

    > look of the machine - not bothered at all as it will be hidden away (colour preferably black though).

    > size of the machine - not bothered as I have 21" x 21" to store it.

    > no monitor - already got one, so spec the machine according to price limit.

    > Hard Drive - don't know much about RAID, Partioning etc so whatever is going to suit me. I already have a 500Gb external hardrive to put videos and what not on. Audio files from ProTools can be quite large though, currently just about coping with 250Gb...just.

    > Ports - must have HDMI and at least 4 USB ports.

    > Network - Wireless connectivity is a bit of a must also.

    > Disc Drive - would love bluray, but not if price is adversely affected. I would actually buy bluray movies if i had a bluray drive.

    > Keyboard and Mouse - Must be wireless!! main colour, preferably black.

    > Speakers - don't really need them if they affect the price, they will not be needed as I have an external soundcard to deal with the sound. This might be important upon spec'ing the machine as take out the pricey soundcard options as I have something that will be better and more suited to me (M-Audio Fasttrack if you're interested)

    =- Price -=

    OK I'm on a budget of £500 but will go 10%-15% over if anybody can find something that pushes past £500, but will do everything I want and more and will be competitive in 1/2 years time still

    If somebody could offer me some advice on whether the above machine would fit my needs or whether an alternative would be better suited to me, your help would be greatly appreciated!


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