Computer and Video Games(CVG) Is finally closing

I for one am gutted. I have been using this site for over 10 years to get my daily fix and now Future PLC have decided to close the online site down. For me CVG has been a massive part of my gaming life, from buying their magazines when I was a boy to visiting their website as an adult.

Now I'm at a loss so if any members have any experience with other gaming websites I would love to know, thanks.


Must have been going 30+ years. Used to read this when I had my Spectrum.



sad times.

Ahh those were he days back in the early/mid 90's with my might Amiga 600. CVG was always more expensive than the other magazines like Gamesmaster and CU Amiga (even with floppies on -ha ha).

Magazines have been declining since the early 2000's in fairness. They used to be a source of news once a month but since the internet and especially broadband you get the news at the same time as the magazine does plus no more looking at pictures of Walker, Streetfighter and Mortal Kombat, you can just watch the videos online.

I once had a letter published in Gamesmaster, it was the issue where they reviewed Super Mario 64 and was one fo the best selling issues ever, I was so proud to see my letter in there asking about the women that wore toga's. Graham's finest moment!

Only ever had a couple of CVG issues back in the 80s, used to buy Zzap 64 and then in my Amiga days CU Amiga....sad news.

At one time it was the demise/decline in popularity of computers that caused magazine closures....these days its the internet causing magazine closures...and now even websites with competition from rival websites.

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