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hiya everyone
help needed please. i am looking to replace my old pc, but want to self build so i get exactly what i want.
i wondered what peoples experiences and opinions were on which ones.
i need a motherboard that runs a amd x2 cpu, but ideally i want it to have 4 memory slots (i have 2 512mb at the mo, and wanted to expand and it seems stupid to lose these).
also a decent videocard that is at least 256mb, but i don't do games really, i use it for large amounts of video editing and photo manipulation etc..
ideally from ebuyer as it seems to be the cheepest and with the google checkout...... lol


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I know all deals are supposed to be open to all but I get my pc bits from computer fairs. Look them up on google there maybe one you can reach. Ours is also very knowledgable and will guide you through the right components.

You'll need to give more detail of what your budget is jodie114...
are you planning using any of the bits from your old PC as that could influence the your current Ram DDR or DDR2?...cos if the former you may not be able to use it on a modern mobo unless you go for an old model with a AGP graphics models have PCI express slots.

give us a price and I'll see what I can get for your money from ebuyer

Original Poster

sorry, bit vague it was a rush post earlier. i have a budget of up to £400 ab. tops but that has to include a hard drive (pref. sata 2 if new mobo can support)hopefully a psu to power this properly.
i have all the optical drives i need, so the mobo needs to have ide and sata, and i can keep the floppy, internal card reader etc...
the memory is 2 x kingston 512mb ddr2 memory chips, so they can be reused if poss, seems a waste to leave them out.
As for the videocard i am moving up from a sparkle 5000 series agp(256mb) so anything that is similar or a little better would be great.

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sorry should have added, old videocard was agp, but looking at reinvesting so pci express would be great

Are you sure you want amdx2? It's not as fast or as overclockable as core 2 duo by any stretch of the imagination.

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i have always been steered down the amd route before, so it seemed the natural progression thats all. i don't really tinker with the overclocking, i've always found it leaves it too unsteady. but any ideas welcomed. if anyone can find a setup that all works, it would be great
by the way, was hoping for a hd of about 300-400 gb

Well for the processor I would seriously give thought to
as it is by far the best bang for buck processor available - brand new today, full 4mb cache (ie huge) only beaten by 2 other dual cores, and of course quad core.
Put that in with 4 x 1 gig DDR2 from the ebuyer/ Google Checkout Deal.
£209 so far, plus .. ]http//ww…553 this HDD for 500 gig space for £64 with Google offer as well as (]http//ww…642) at £122 for THE best spec mobo you can afford = £395, plus a low end graphics card and reasonable PSU and your laughing.

To get back in budget..this mobo ]http//ww…642 at £27 is a complete steal, and give you a total of £300 before psu case and graphics.

From there this graphics card is a nice upgrade from what you have without breaking bank
which when ordered with this very stylish case
costs £55 the pair on google checkout bringing you to £345.

Then this PSU (it is high cost but brilliant quality and is essential for longevity
]http//ww…860 at under £40 via google checkout)

Total £395.

Original Poster

thanks, what sort of mobo would you recommend?

even if not overclocked core2duo is the way to go, amd is cheaper though

if you are going for amd route I have one for sale, used for 6 weeks max before I changed to core2duo
its amdx2 3800+
and an asus mobo am2
both for £70 inc postage
am2 means you have to use ddr2 ram though so make sure your ram is compatible

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wow, that would be a serious setup... so you think intel is the way to go? that is tempting... thanks for the work?

Jodie just edited post - the cheaper one will do you fine but it's not as futureproof as the others but will happily last you 2 or 3 years minimum as long as your not doing anything crazy oc'ing.

Intel is definitely the way to go at the min - far more cost effective and better performance accross the board.

That setup will handle pretty much anything short of dx10. Do you need a OS inc in budget? mouse? keyboard? aftermarket cooler if Overclocking?

It won't run the latest games with that card though, not at max settings anyway.

Original Poster

sorry, that was meant to be a ! not a ? lol

Original Poster

was just looking at that videocard, and its agp and only 128mb?

Original Poster

lol thanks, thought i had completely lost the plot for a sec, great work!

If going for the cheaper mobo cut it to 2 gig RAM and go well under budget at £345 as "RAM 0 MB (installed) / 2 GB (max)" still 4 gig is a little ott for the mo, but price is insanely low.

Original Poster

thanks, i know what you mean about the memory prices, it was all i could afford for these 2 512s 3 years ago.
thats the problem i am having with the hd.. for a few extra quid i can have another 100g... and another 100... not that i need it, had trouble filling my 200gb western digital one!

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so that mobo has 4 memory slots? thats something i wanted anyway

I think that one is 2. I can find one with four as you have room in the budget but if your going that far the other mobo I mentioned is your best bet tbh for little extra.

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that would be great if you could. its so easy to get carried away buying computer bits, got 3 printers, 4 dvd writers etc.. so while i'm doing the upgrade may as well make it worthwile...

You do realise xp can't use 4 gig though right? Only vista can (and if you go vista it's worth getting an SD card for readyboost)

Original Poster

i've got a copy of vista sitting here that i got from a comp fair last week, waiting to see what comp to load it on... prob the new one now

There we go- extra tenner or so…062
LGA 775 for Intel Core 2 Duo/ Pentium XE / Pentium D / Pentium 4 / Celeron D, supporting Conroe processors;
Intel 945G Chipset;
Supports FSB 1066/800/533 MHz processor, EM64T CPU and H-T Technology;
Supports Dual Channel DDRII667/533 x 4 DIMM slots with max. Capacity up to 4GB;
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0 and Max. Shared memory 192MB;
1 x PCI Express x16 slot, 1 x PCI Express x1 slot;
Supports Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mb/s;
Dual VGA Output: support DVI-D and D-Sub ports with DVI Graphics-SI card by independent display controllers

Or even better 8 gig support on…402 at £55.
Huge expansion capability. HD audio, firewire, 5.1 sound support onboard.

Original Poster

thats great, thanks!

No problem. Good luck with your build, should run very well. Is there anything else you wanted out of it? Your still a tad under budget if you want a better graphics card or a dedicated sound card.


Sorry put in wrong … Sorry put in wrong link

Wouldn't go for that graphics card. I had the exact same one for a while but had to upgrade as it struggles with vista and even struggles with old games like counter strike 1.6! Stil maybe ok for what you want it for but if you ever upgrade to vista and do video editing then I think its a no go.

This is definatly worth the extra few quid...…287

That one is better but price is significantly differant - depends how strict her budget is.

Original Poster

its strict ish... if you can bluff your way past the other half you have it made!
so is there a big difference in video performance between these cards?
also, what sort of price are you talking for a dedicated sound card? and are they a lot better than the built in ones?

If you want quality components you are looking at £450 really.

For that you can have...

Intel E6300 processor (overclockable to 3Ghz with retail cooler :))
2GB Kingston Value Ram 667Mhz DDR2
Asus P5N-E SLI (rock solid board, cracking for overclocking and normal use, great support from Asus)
Seagate 500GB SATA 16MB Cache
Inno3d 7300GT 256MB DDR3 (They do another one Inno3d 7600GT 256MB DDR3 for about 5 quid more but it is out of stock)
Tagan 480W Modular PSU.

Well worth adding the extra £50 IMHO for and will be a great mahcine even if you dont overclock it, and you can use your existing case and opticals to make the difference up.

Just to inform you, if you use you old 2 x 512 with newer memory, the newer memory will underclock to the speed of the 512 sticks. If they are 667Mhz then thats ok.

The 6420 is better than the 6300 for the 4mb cache alone.. it's a full conroe rather than an allendale.


i've got a copy of vista sitting here that i got from a comp fair last … i've got a copy of vista sitting here that i got from a comp fair last week, waiting to see what comp to load it on... prob the new one now

My top tip, don't open it and take it straight back.

It needs a stupidly quick PC to run properly, not because it looks "pretty" as Microsoft would have you believe, but because it run 30 checks a second to make sure you're not breaching the terms of the licence agreement. That includes digital rights management checks, making sure you're not using any software Microsoft don't like and generally spying on you and reporting back anything it doesn't like to Microsoft. If you read the licence agreement Microsoft actually own everything installed on your computer and reserve the right to alter it in anyway they see fit.....for example they could disable your graphics card drivers if they were deemed to breach the Microsoft DRM policys. For more info see: ]http//ba…sta

Long story short, stick with XP and if you absolutely must have the flashy, pretty desktop stuff use Linux with ]Beryl.

Anyway rant over...back on subject....that's a nice spec seancampbell put together there, although if you can stretch to it I'd spend a little extra on a graphics card and go for an ATI Radeon X1650 or NVIDIA GeForce7600.
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