Computer boffins, a thick blonde needs your help...

When i close down Facebook, not any other sites, hundreds of pages keep popping back up, like the rick roll where you cant do a single thing apart from shut down the comp and sign back in.
Now i'm doing another AVG scan, and the things that have popped up so far are: shell32.dll and ntoskrnl.exe....could somebosy please advise me, as i find it getting right on my nipple ends having to shut the computer down!!
Cheers guys x


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Not that i know of, ive read that so dont think so.


i get ths every now and again when i close yahoo, i cannot find anything on my computer to show me why, not picking up anything on scans, but happens every now and again and only with yahoo

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Whats the 2 things that it has picked up?

it seems you have malware .........

google "superantispyware" and download it

its free and will scan your pc for "hidden" bugs which are popping those adverts etc up

also run a full avg scan


i thought LM was referring to pages opening one after the other, not pop ups

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Doing now, but they aint adverts, they are the log in page to go back into facebook....millions of them!

Have you got the free spyware doctor from google on your puter LLM?... It's pretty good at detecting this sort of shiat..

AVG anti-spyware is very good too..


Doing now, but they aint adverts, they are the log in page to go back … Doing now, but they aint adverts, they are the log in page to go back into facebook....millions of them!

ye its still malware ...... its a program hiding in the back of the system doing it

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No how do i get that ?


Google pack

Spyware doctor




Thats the spyware doctor...


And heres the AVG one..


Stop going to and downloading malware!!! lol....

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Like i even know how ya get it! I did go to rate my camel reckon its from that loooooooool!

No boffin hun - just a completely thicky brunette...Had exactly the same problem (can't remember the site it was to do with) a couple of years ago - was def. something to do with the spyware. By the time i've got around to finishing this (kids!) you've prob got it sorted anyway. If by some chance you haven't, Good Luck :). X

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Thanks a lot x

Koobface is making itself unpleasant presence felt again:


If you have time, patience and can follow instructions without being tempted to shortcut or be "creative", then there is a useful resource in HijackThis and some help forums.

HijackThis is a small utility that you download and use to monitor how your PC starts up. It creates a text file of the results which you can then post onto a forum where bewilderingly clever folk can offer advice and instruciotns about what has happened and how to deal with it.

This was originally started by an individual but became respected enougf to be taken up by one of the big antivirus players.

The good news is that its still free!

Here's the page fo rHijack this itself and some more info:


and here's the start of the forums.


Did you get your puter sorted LMM?.... There will a lot of them boffins at work bored now if you haven't... I hope it' not that facebook one bud as it seems a nasty one to get rid...


and use firefox rather than IE as firefox 3.0 is much better at preventing spyware etc

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well i've got the one about malaware sorted that found various cookies and a trojan, got rid of them. The doctor google didnt download in the end....need to do that. Done a full AVG scan also. It only happens now and again so it hasn't happened as yet...touch wood!

I hope you've got it sorted LLM... ]THIS is a very useful site that lists and reviews most of good free utilities..
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