Computer Boffins hardrive help!

    I'm planning on upgrading my laptop harddrive from 120Gig to 320Gig, and whacking the old 120gig into my PS3. The problem is.. I don't have a windows install disc to load the OS onto my new harddrive when it's delivered. But I do have the windows recovery files sitting on my harddrive in that i386 folder.

    Is it just a simple case of burning these files on the a CD, or do I need to do something else?



    ghost your existing hdd onto the new one. its easier than trying to get at the installation files

    Use this…sy/

    It has a free trial, you'll need to have both HDD's connected though so use a USB caddy for the second

    Try nLite/vLite (depending on OS)

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    Excellent, I'll try the ghosting my existing harddrive to my new one when it arrives! Thanks
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