Computer building screws needed!

Found 21st Oct 2008
I need some small computer screws to fit internal HDD into PC.
Scan & ebuyer sell for cheap enough but p&p hikes the price!

Pack of 10 would be adequate for the HDD & any other upgrades.

Any idea where to buy real cheap without the p&p sting!?
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Go into your local PC repair shop, they will have loads lying around...if your lucky they will give you a handful of them for free....
Or go into your local Maplins, there ae hundreds of these stores all over the UK


See "Store locator" on the right of the web site
many thanks. will pop into local shop!! :thumbsup:
I've got hundreds of them , fine thread screws for cds etc and rough thread screws for hard drives and the stand offs too .Your welcome to 30/40 of each if you want .PM if you need them.
Ask anyone you know who's ever build a computer since you get way more than you usually need when buying a case.
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