Posted 4th Dec 2022
Hey guys. Thanks to @sarden84 and the fortuitous timing of my computer starting to slow down I decided to pull the trigger on a new desktop; a month ago I would've said my current set up is fine

I've got one of the AWD Volt systems coming my way but I'm not overly inspired by the case. I'm wondering if anyone had an recommendations for a mid-ish sized tower with good airflow, tempered glass side panel that doesn't completely break the bank?

Discovered the Cougar Duoface Pro RGB which looks pretty nice but doesn't seem to be sold anywhere. Not got a set price ceiling and its not something I'm looking to get immediately so open to all suggestions.
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    Morning, why not give them a call and request something else?

    Their own X Range, very good MATX cases, fans are normal cheap fans connections but they are quite powerful but not noisy, case is very sturdy and built firmly, mesh front for excellent airflow.

    so a quick call to change to this, maybe a £20 dif, pretty much covers both ends of ur desire at an affordable upgrade.
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    Thanks for the reply, only tagged you to shout you out; been posting some great deals!

    I'll take a look at what they have but for the short term the Volt will actually suffice. Looking to redecorate my home office in about 6 months and want to have something that'll suit the space a bit more, so it's definitely not an immediate concern.

    I'll have the space for a slightly larger case, which would in turn give me a bit more upgrade choice further down the line. Thinking about it I should have enough space to accommodate a full size tower.
    What will you be upgrading?
    i can't think of real need of full atx case required these days.
    Full atx case is looking at £100+
    By the way, I used to have case with these fancy LED fans, but as I become older, I get annoyed by them and switch to blank silent case.
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