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Found 29th Oct 2008
Currently have a high backed chair, but in the process of moving the PC in another room (due to the cold weather)

Need a new (smaller) chair?

Anyone got any ideas apart from Staples/Argos/PCW
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Hmmmm? Well there goes my 3 ideas! LOL!

There was a deal on here not long ago for a leather effect chaiir - but I suspect that would be too big too.....

Tell you what you could try ! You know the chairs that people sit on in offices - or the sort of secretarial chairs?

They are really comfy, easy to move about (on wheels) and have excellent back support.

You can pick them up really cheaply in the excess office spares shops / furniture places....

I don't know 'exactly' the name but do you know what mean? In the local directory for ex office supplies? Erm, I picked up 3 of these for a party just to have sitting around, for £15 each, they have proper height adjustment and all sorts......

Other than that......

Erm, what about the chairs people sit on when they go on holiday? They are very cheap (and cheerful) and are small enuff? Or.....

What about Ikea?

How about the camping places and what not?

Not sure??

Any good?
Ikea has a leather chair for 29.97 i picked one up last weekend, its gas lift too so will fit under any desk, i only bought it cos it was the only one that was really comfortable plus it was under 30 squid!!!
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