Computer Deal needed- can anyone please help?

    My daughter is currently in high school and needs a computer for her homework, but although I have seen loads of deals I don't really understand the difference between them or whether thay are adequate for her needs. I get the basics but anything more technical I am out of my league. She has to be able to use Power Point and Publisher and needs good internet access as well. I have a budget of about £400.
    Thanks in advance for any help


    First thing to decide is do you want a laptop or a desktop solution, then we can take it from there.


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    Hi xmal, thanks for looking, I would prefer a desktop, so that the younger kids can't throw it around, but all the best deals I seem to see here are for laptops, so I am willing to try a laptop I suppose.

    You will always get more bang per buck with a desktop- but I must admit there have been quite a few lappy deals recently. TBH, for the applications you listed just about any recent spec machine will work. However you have listed a few Microsoft applications so you will have to make sure that your system has that installed (it can be quite expensive).…tml

    It may be slightly out of date, but use the above link for a test of 6 less than £400 pc's.....some great dell deals around....if using vista aim for at least 1 gig of ram (better to have 2gig though) a core2duo and as much hard disk space as possible....for most office work etc a graphics card isn't important and even a basic one will help with vista. Having the most powerful pc in the world will not make the inernet any faster, and most people couldn't tell the difference between a 1.66 core2duo and a 2.o core2duo.
    If warranty is important try vendors like Mesh.

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    Thanks for the links will study them all closely.

    Hi, we have brought several pc's from Toysrus. The e-machine range they do are really well
    spec'd up for the money, and they do buy now pay later (if you have the patience to deal with the paper work in store). thought it might be an option if you wanted to see what you were buying.

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    Thanks joanne8631 I will try popping into store at the weekend

    i don't claim to be a pc whizz, i just sit and shop!!! - but we have 4 desktops and 2 laptops in the house (4 kids), my partner is a computer programmer so know's his stuff, so if he is happy to buy from toysrus, i am happy to recommend!!!
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