looking for a very cheap computer for the kids room, very basic ,they will not be getting conected to the internet, it is just for software to be added for learning purposes (one child has learning difficulties)

    thanks for any help

    i have no idea of technical specs so i will trust your judgment.


    What's your budget fizziebabes?

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    low £50 - £150

    second hand then or low spec Linux machine like eBuyer one. Or Dell 170 quid offer. Both doesn't include monitor.


    Or, if you can get some more money (400 quid, to be precise)- Medion Disney Desktop (

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    phishshshshing myself :lol: :lol: :lol:
    need it in pink :thumbsup:

    That's really cute Kommunist!

    I think the cheapest system I can think of off hand is the £175 Dell desktop but then you would need to buy a monitor. A 15" TFT will set you back about £80 so that would be £255. Or you could buy the desktop and then look around for a CRT which would be a lot cheaper, maybe £30 or less from your local ad mag.

    Other than that you will probably be looking for a second hand computer. Someone posted in the For Sale section here the other day with some very low specc'd second hand computers. Maybe you could get a deal from them?

    That's about all I can think of for now...maybe someone else knows of some low priced options.

    I have a couple just brought take a look in the for sale section


    I must say that the Dell £175 offering is probably about the best deal you'll get on a new PC this side of Xmas.

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    cheers guys, have to withdraw the request now though.


    (realy wanted the disney one aswell
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